Installation and Workflows

Basic Installation

# Install VEE from GitHub; it will prompt you for install location.
python <(curl -fsSL

# Either add VEE to your environment, or to your .bashrc; the installer
# above defaults to:
export VEE=/usr/local/vee
export PATH=$VEE/src/bin:$PATH

# If working in a group, set permissions:
sudo chown $(whoami) $groupname $VEE
sudo chmod -R g=rwXs,o=rwX $VEE

User Workflow

# Before your first use of vee, it must be initialized. This command
# will error if already run, with no ill effects.
vee init

# Add the environment repository (replace with your git remote and name),
# and build it.
vee repo clone git@git.westernx:westernx/vee-repo westernx
vee upgrade

# Run some installed commands.
vee exec COMMAND
#   or:
eval "$(vee exec --export)"
#   or:
vee exec --export >> ~/.bashrc

# Whenever there are changes to the environment repo, you must "update"
# to fetch the changes, and "upgrade" to build the environment.
vee update
vee upgrade

Developer Workflow

# Specify where you want your dev packages to be, if not in $VEE/dev.
export VEE_DEV=~/dev

# Install a package for development. This must be a package that is
# referred to by the default repository.
vee develop install PACKAGE

cd ~/dev/PACKAGE

# Develop here; use `dev` to run in the dev environment.

# Commit your changes to the package.
git commit -am 'What you did to PACKAGE.'

# Commit your changes to the VEE repo.
vee add PACKAGE
vee commit --patch -m 'Did something to PACKAGE.'

# Test locally.
vee upgrade

# Push out the package, and repo.
git push
vee push

Manual Workflow

# Install some individual packages into the default environment.
# These will be lost upon the next "upgrade".
vee link homebrew+sqlite
vee link homebrew+ffmpeg --configuration='--with-faac'
vee link git+ --name shotgun_api3
vee link --force --install-name sgmock/0.1
vee link git+git@git.westernx:westernx/sgsession

# Link a few packages into an "example" environment.
vee link -e example examples/basic.txt

# Execute within the "example" environment.
vee exec -e example python -c 'import sgmock; print sgmock'